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5 online tools for interior design

You probably have a hundred ideas fo interior design of your homespace right now, but anyone who tried to decorate all the rooms in the household will tell you that this task is only easy on paper – when it comes to the real thing every inch of available space makes or breaks your desired design. Fortunately, the Internet gives you a bunch of completely free tools that might help you. You just need the measurments of your rooms and a general idea what goes where to use them. Here are som of the most popular and most useful online design apps. Test one (or all of them) and see how easy it is to create an interior design of your dreams without moving from your chair!

  • Google Sketch Up
    google sketchup tool
    One of the most powerful tools which enables you to draw a whole exterior and interior of a house with great attention to detail and style it as you like. Huge library of patterns and equipment makes it very useful, but the program’s interface might be confusing at first and you’ll have to learn to use it for a bit before you can utilize the full power of Sketch Up. It comes in free and paid version (which is even more powerful).


  • Roomstyler
    roomstyler interior design
    Great and easy to use, with huge library of furniture and equipment to put in your interior. Also gives an ability to make a 3D photo of your design and look around it to get the feel of being inside the space you’ve prepared. All you need to do to save and see the project is register on the website through Facebook or e-mail.



  • Armstrong design tools
    interior design tool
    Great, because it is incredibly easy to use and gives you a ready-made design in a couple of seconds. It hasn’t got a lot of additional furniture (when compared to other tools on this list), but nonetheless, you can use it very quickly and see how your interior will look like.



  • Ikea Planning Tools
    ikea design tools
    If you’re a fan of Ikea products, this is the tool for you. Just specify the measurements of the room you wish to design and use the absurdly huge library of equipment straight from Ikea catalogue to create the interior of your dreams.



  • Autodesk Homestyler
     autodesk design interior
    Autodesk company is well known for its software for engineers and architects – it is likely that your home architect used their CAD software to create a floorplan you’ll be using as a template for your interior design. It gives you a lot of opportunities and it is surprisingly simple to use, although to utilize full capabilities of Homestyler, you have to sacrifice a little bit of time to learn more advanced options of the program. But if you do, you’ll have a splendidly designed interior in a few mouse clicks!


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