interior design Advantages of quartz worktops
Advantages of quartz worktops

Quartz worktops

The worktop is a key piece of kitchen equipment. It is a working surface exposed to mechanical damage, high temperatures, acids, dyes and other substances contained in food. In addition, it is highly exposed. Therefore, the material for kitchen worktop should be durable and impressive, which features a quartz conglomerate that is a great alternative to granite.

Characteristics of quartz conglomeratesAdvantages of quartz worktops

Conglomerates are materials which are a combination of natural mineral aggregates, which are ground to fine sand and supplemented with elastic synthetic resin with the addition of dye. For the production of conglomerates, various types of stones are used, among which quartz is very popular. Quartz conglomerates are an excellent alternative to natural stone, e.g. granite and – as a lighter, cheaper, practical and highly aesthetic material – are widely used in interior design. They are used to finish floors or stairs, but most of all they are perfect as worktops: laboratory, bar, shops and hotels, especially kitchen worktops.

Advantages of quartz worktops:

The growing popularity of quartz worktops  results from their numerous advantages. The advantages of this type of materials include:

  • Durability – quartz worktops are resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches, and any defects can be easily filled and repaired, which is not possible with granite worktops.
  • Temperature resistance – the conglomerates are resistant to high temperatures, but take over the ambient temperature, so that they are not constantly cool to the touch, as is the case with granite worktops.
  • Lightweight – their weight is lower than that of worktops made of granite and other natural stones, so that such furniture can be moved independently and does not require additional reinforcement, which is a problem with granite worktops.
  • Easy to maintain – quartz worktops can be easily cleaned, are resistant to dirt and moisture, prevent the multiplication of bacteria and do not require maintenance, unlike natural granite worktops.
  • Aesthetics – worktops made of quartz conglomerates can have almost any shape, colour, and even glitter additives and be finished in high gloss or matt finish. In the case of worktops made of natural granite, the choice of colour is limited.
  • Jointless connection – joining of worktops with furniture or sink can be supplemented with resin, thus avoiding the formation of unsightly gaps. In this way, quartz worktops can also be repaired. This is an important aspect that gives quartz conglomerates an advantage over granite worktops.

Durable, highly aesthetic and easy to care for quartz  worktops are an excellent alternative to granite and a highly functional solution for every kitchen, which will make this interior effective, but also provide full comfort to the household members.

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