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Black granite worktops Liverpool – design accent in every interior

The kitchen is the most important room in every house. It is therefore important that the furniture and other elements in this room have an attractive appearance and are functional. Tops are the products that are the most exploited surface in the whole house. You should therefore choose models made of high quality materials, which will remain intact for many years to come. The tabletop is used daily in the preparation of meals. It is a very functional, but also a decorative part of the kitchen. Designer models have original colours, which become a strong accent of the room. We suggest why black granite worktops Liverpool are the right choice for modern design… and beyond!

Types of black granite worktops

Wooden worktops. Elegant and well-chosen are the top of the furniture and a complement to the arrangement. Among their many types, wooden worktops are still very popular. Most often they are made of oak, pine, mahogany and teak. Each species has a different colour and different properties. However, all properly preserved will work well both in the kitchen and bathroom. They will look great as a finishing touch to modern kitchen furniture or as a base for a vintage style washbasin. However, they are not heat-resistant. Stone worktops . They are resistant to damage, extremely durable and of high quality. They have a higher price than wooden worktops. Marble or granite worktops Liverpool will fit any type of kitchen. Black models look great, both during the day and in the evening. They are very easy to keep clean – just wipe them with a delicate cloth soaked in water mixed with dishwashing liquid. Tile tops. This is an interesting solution, because the same material can be used to make a floor, as well as a kitchen worktop. They are resistant to high temperatures. They will work well in retro, modern and industrial interiors.

Black for years

Black kitchen worktops should be used in the room for many years. It is therefore important that they do not lose their colour under the influence of sunlight, cleaning and the use of chemicals. Therefore, use natural products such as lemon or vinegar water and other methods that will not cause damage to the worktop. When preparing meals, remember to separate the worktop from the food with the necessary kitchen accessories. Food should always be sliced on a board and never directly on the worktop. A model that is made of even the highest quality materials can be scratched by using a sharp tool on it. When it comes to hot dishes, it should not cause any damage. However, it is better to stock up on a stand. Black kitchen worktops are designer, timeless and usually have a high price, so remember to protect them.

Designer accent

Black kitchen worktops are a great addition to many arrangements. Of course, they look exceptional in modern and industrial interiors, because they are intense in colour and eccentric. Kitchen accessories and decorations look great on a black worktop because they are an interesting contrast to it. Black worktops are elegant, timeless and modern at the same time. They look good in combination with a dark floor. Black&white kitchen is very stylish. Black granite worktops Liverpool with white furniture or other intensive colour is a combination that will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding design lovers who like interiors with a hint of elegance.

Black granite worktops

Granite is a very popular deposit belonging to the group of magma rocks. It comes in many different varieties, all over the world. Among the types we can distinguish inscription, Karkonosze, Strzegom, Strzelin, rapakiwi and adamelite. The composition of granite is 10% muscovite and biotite, the other ingredients are quartz, potassium mare, oligoclase and albite. Granite is available in many colours, including black, red, grey, brown, yellow and green. Granite is very often used in stonemasonry, gastronomy, house finishing, roads, bridges and even slag tracks. Granite as a raw material is ideal for any kitchen – it keeps and absorbs heat for a long time. Therefore, granite worktops Liverpool can not only fry the pizza, but also cool down the dish! The choice of granite worktops is a perfect combination of classics and design accessories. Granite is a stone which is ideal for kitchen worktops because it is highly resistant to high and low temperatures and water. Thanks to this, it will be perfect for any kitchen, even for a cooker or an induction cooktop. It is not only durable, but also resistant to damage, so it will serve in the kitchen for a long time. Black granite worktop is not a cheap solution, but if the stone is initially impregnated with appropriate preparations, it will retain its excellent appearance and condition for many years. Additionally, granite, unlike marble, is not susceptible to damage of acids, such as those contained in vinegar, citrus or ketchup. A black worktop in the kitchen does not have to be boring. Due to the fact that granite naturally has different patterns and colours, instead of black as a whole, you can also opt for worktops made of black granite with the addition of other colours, such as red, white, grey or green. Sometimes, you can also find kitchen worktops in striped patterns. A black granite worktops Liverpool broken by another colour will give a little bit of lightness to the stone.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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