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Bristol – Capital of British Culture, Hip and Style. But How are Granite Worktops Bristol Perceived there?

Can a style-culture originate in a city, and spread throughout the entire country?

I’ve recently took a massive interest in how people in prominent UK cities perceive interior decor, especially the kitchen/living room sectors. After all, if the cities that fame themselves with lots of style, originality and quirkiness see something as cool and worthy of attention, does it not seep into mainstream trends of other parts of the UK? If granite worktops Bristol, for example, become trendy in that city, will this fashion be sustained in other cities?

Just look at Milan in Italy. Whatever is perceived as fashionable and stylish there, immediately gets picked up and accepted by the public in other cities, and not just those in Italy! The whole of Europe gets infected. Paris is also a centre of fashion and culture, and we often take the dress code of the Parisians as epitome and definition of desired and inspirational vogue.

granite worktops Bristol

Likewise, Bristol too has an impact on cultural settings of other UK and European cities. Banksy? It is in Bristol where he started off his career as a stencil street-art graffiti artist. And look how it spread, in a matter of years. Now, some of his works of art, and that of his peers are sold for millions worldwide.

So, what do Bristolians think of interior design, and specifically of quartz, ceramic and granite worktops Bristol? Interior decoration and design are the focal points of this blog, so I wanted to find out what opinions are dispersed throughout the South West of England regarding kitchen worktops.

Are Bristolians fans of stone worktops? What decorative kitchen elements rule in that city?

I did some research on that topic, scrolling through heaps of blogs, forums and posts on social media sites, and found out two patterns.
Firstly, Bristolians love natural concrete. Yes, the concrete that we pour on the roads, the same stuff that makes up buildings and pavements. They like it polished, rough, holed – like a block of yellow cheese – it’s all very appealing. Apparently, they love mixing it up with bits of natural elements – wood and stone in particular.

Secondly, the people in Bristol have a special fondness for ceramic worktops, but once again the imitative colours. One of the highest selling worktop products in that region are Neolith’s Beton colours and Dekton’s range of marble-lookalikes. From what I’ve read, I’ve gathered that it’s presently fashionable to have these imitations at home, but also to aim for the long-lasting products. In this case, sintered stone is that ideal material.

Why, you may ask? Well, sintered stone, or ceramic as it is widely known, is nearly indestructible – no knife, acid or oil will harm it. The slabs can be supplied in truly unique thicknesses i.e. 6mm or 12mm. Just imagine real marble or concrete in this thickness – it would break almost instantly, not to mention the chipping and crumbling. Last but not least, ceramics can come in a vast variety of textures. What I mean by that is that you can opt for a concrete looking greyish colour, but then have it delivered in a polished, or matte, or wavy finish. Just look at Dekton’s selection of varied finishes, the abundance is incredible.

So, to conclude, the current trend in Bristol is as follows: Concrete, grey colouring, Neolith and Dekton products – especially from the imitative collections – and lastly thin stone worktops. I would have never said ten years ago that something as thin as 6mm will ever be desired, and I would have never guessed concrete will be fashionable. But here it is, ruling in 2019.

Do you want to get a taste of what Bristolians are getting? Are quartz, ceramic or granite worktops Bristol up your street?

If you think the people of Bristol are going in the right, trendy and truly unique track, then be sure to reach out to one of the UK companies that can deliver the same goods to you – anything from ceramic, to quartz or granite worktops Bristol. In fact, I mentioned the likes of Polish Granite LTD lately on this blog, and that this Manchester based worktops campany delivers worktops to households around the entire UK, and to top it all off they perform an outstanding service at that! Honestly, hit them up because not only they have an advanced knowledge on interior design, and can provide you some truly helpful tips and hints as to which colour/material to pick, they will also carry out a 10/10 job.

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