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Farmhouse kitchen – defeated by modern smoothness?

Farmhouse kitchen – style

Farmhouse styleKitchens are different. There’s no rule that says it should be otherwise. Everything depends on our individual taste and style. What’s more, most of kitchens are combinations of variety of styles, a little bit of old-fashioned with just a touch of contemporary design. Sometimes final effects of such blending in are great, but sometimes kitchens look poor and mismatched. Therefore, the best solution when it comes to designing your kitchen is to stick with just one style and be consistent with it in everything, from the very smallest details to the general layout. In this way kitchens aren’t only looking good but are also practical and easy to move around.

Although, nowadays it seems there’s only one way to go with kitchen design – that’s modern, other styles aren’t really dead and can actually defend themselves. Just think of farmhouse kitchen. Although, at first sight farmhouse kitchen seems as the thing from the long forgotten past it’s not really the case. What’s more, many people consciously choose this particular style when designing and subsequently furnishing their kitchens, even if their houses or flats aren’t real farms or aren’t located in the countryside.

Why they do it and what are the distinguishing features of farmhouse kitchen? They do it because in contrast to modern design farmhouse kitchens are warm, cosy and inviting. Their layout and furniture make them give off warmth and look inviting. It’s only natural that some people prefer this inner warmth to soulless and sterile beauty of modern design. The typical features of farmhouse kitchen are the following: it’s made of wood and other natural materials, it’s brightly coloured (most of the times natural wood colours, browns, oranges), it’s filled with small rustic elements, furniture is all about curves and rough edges and there aren’t any smooth and clean lines.

hannah-busing-592814-unsplashFarmhouse kitchen versus modern

Farmhouse kitchen with its heavy furniture and seeming roughness makes a really great kitchen. Although, most of the time it’s filled with plenty of small decorative elements and seems disorganised it’s not really the case. In modern farmhouse kitchens everything is planned in a such a way as to make your kitchen navigation super easy. What’s more, farmhouse kitchen appliances are state-of-the-art and guarantee high functionality and easiness in preparing, cooking or baking. There’s really nothing wrong with farmhouse kitchens functioning in otherwise modern houses or flats. If only we approach design and space layout reasonably our farmhouse kitchen can turn out really great. Warm, welcoming and practical.

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