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Granite offcuts – how they can be used?

During a production process of stone worktops for kitchen, bathroom or anything made of stone really, there is a lot of left-over material that is seemingly unusable. A stonemason company cuts huge slabs of granite to make a kitchen worktop and in most cases there’s so much precious material left that is unadvisable to throw it away. Thus, worktop manufacturers started a new line of business and use the so-called offcuts (from granite, marble, quartz and other stones) and create and additional equipment for home and garden design.

For example – take a look at this short clip that will show you how stonemasons repurpose granite offcuts (also called remnants) to make paving stones ideal for garden design.

Purposes of offcuts

Marble, quartz and granite offcuts can be utilized in a large number of ways – they have exactly the same purposes as granite or any other stone they are made of, the only difference is their size and shape, which can be freely changed to fulfill the given needs. If you’re looking for a perfect material to create a new paved way to your home or through your garden, offcuts will serve their purpose. Do you have some material left after creating a granite worktop? Why not make a small coffee table from it? A little ornament over the front door? Stone offcut is the best way to get it cheap.

Right – did we mention that quartz, marble and granite offcuts are really cheap? That’s their great advantage, as you don’t have to buy a huge slab of stone to make something small and beautiful.

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