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Granite & Quartz Worktops – Who you need to choose?

Granite Worktops Leeds & Quartz Worktops Leeds – electing the best supplier

Polish Granite LTD – a masonry firm that could execute your worktops in flawless fashion. If you scroll through my past blogs, you’ll observe that I tend to mention Polish Granite every so often. That’s not only because I’ve got very good connections with the firm (visiting them, inspecting their quartz / granite products, asking for advice, taking pictures of their stock etc.), I actually consider them to be one of the best, if not THE best granite / quartz selling company in the North East of England.

Read below to learn why I think you should choose them:

  1. They always deliver – not only to their promises, but customers’ expectations. I reviewed lots of feedback of their customer base, and 98% of them say that they received the service/product that they wanted/expected. In other words, the disappointment rate was very, very insignificant.Leeds quartz worktops
  2. They are timely – from all the feedback samples I collected, 95% of customers agreed that they received their granite / quartz products in a timely, swift and efficient fashion. That doesn’t just mean that they agree with you on a date/time of fitting/templating, and deliver their service on time (if not with time spare), but their actual execution rate is rapid. Apparently, on average they can supply your granite / quartz worktops between 5-7 days, which is very quick considering the amount of work. But please don’t be under the impression that they rush things! By no means – the key to their success is employing specialists with years and years of experience; fitters who make no errors, and can execute their work flawlessly with swift pace.
  3. They offer excellent customer service – you will receive a friendly, professional treatment all the way through your cooperation. From first ordering your granite / quartz quote to asking for advice, booking your granite / quartz template / installation dates to actual on-site service from the fitters who are experts, and carry out their job in an uninterruptible and efficient manner. All they will require from you is a cup of coffee!

But why not opt for a local company? Is there no decent local (Leeds orientated) granite / quartz businesses?

Of course there are. In fact, I could probably name 4-5 professional companies that are directly from Leeds. So, then, why do I solely recommend Polish Granite as the main Leeds worktops supplier? The answer is simple:Leeds granite worktops Because no other quartz worktops company in the North of England has had 14+ years of experience, and maintained such fantastic ratio of amazing reviews. I spoke to Polish Granite managers themselves, asking where their success comes from, and why as a small family quartz worktops business they managed to survive in this competitive market. They responded with a single comment: Word-of-mouth Marketing. They mostly rely on providing all customers the best possible service and thanks to that the positive feedback spreads – whether it be across the internet or in real life. They say approx. 60% of their customer base are acquired through recommendation: a Leeds friend of a past customer’s Leeds family member passes a commendation to a Leeds neighbour – it’s as simple as that. This treat every customer right, and it will pay off ethos is why they are successful.

They hold my respect and admiration!

All in all, the reasons listed above are exactly why I sway towards them, and never fail to send my viewers an update on Polish Granite. I agree with their policies, and they prove again and again that they are always reliable and consistent, prioritising all customers, whether it be in Manchester, London, Leeds or Bristol – where their presence has been met with a lot of great response (see our Bristol blog article).

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