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Key elements of small architecture on private and public properties

You don’t notice it on an everyday basis, yet you pass it when going to work or running around town from store to store. We do not even realise that a simple bench designed for sitting after a long day has been specially designed according to an overall construction of landscape architecture in the city.

There are mostly benches in parks, but there are dozens on the main pedestrian streets of our cities: They are nice, with a backrest or without it specially designed as a unique shape complying well with the surrounding area. Other elements are lanterns or street lights; these give the magic of light, also created in various shapes from simple modern ones to the designs of nineteenth-century-style. Then there are bins and, believe it or not, those are too stylised, even if all they are used for is storing rubbish.

How to make your property more attractive?

For the small architecture landscaping and property invesmtent, we can now add bike stands. Those too have been recently very popular because fashion for ecological regular cycling is slowly coming back. Flower pots have also been slowly emerging around big cities, already being an integral part of this landscape, decorating it with colours and nature. Sheds and shelters, bus stops, bars, or even road signs – all are the elements of the landscape of our cities and, although we aren’t fully aware of this, those things are done beautifully, though they aren’t usually fully appreciated.

Some simply see an average bench or a local bin, others notice months of hard work that went into this design, something that has been specially designed and is there for a reason. Therefore, even though it may seem as petty design, or something not particularly important – it provides the city or town the atmosphere it requires and it is nevertheless as relevant of an architecture as the surrounding buildings are.

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