Buying and arraning all of the needed equipement and furniture is one thing, but what about taking care of it? The maintanance issue is often forgotten, but Decorate Ideas is different – we know that beautiful house won’t keep its good looks forever if you don’t know how to preserve them.

The maintanance page will advise you on the most basic ways to keep your kitchen worktops, sofas, floors and all other elements in good condition.

Here are some great tips on maintanance of your home equipement – just click the issue you wish to know about and read our helpful hints:

Gas Safety

Carbon Monoxide is one of the deadliest substances that you can encounter in your household and as such, you should know how to recognise the danger and how to prevent it. GSR created a splendid, official guide to gas equipment maintenance and repair and you should read it carefully, especially if you have an older type of heating and/or boiler.


If you are worried about carbon monoxide, it’s best to contact someone who knows all the regulations – certified plumber or gas engineer should be in your personal phonebook at all times. Ask a qualified plumber about your boiler to make sure you and your relatives are not in danger.

Saving energy and time - new heating solutions

When you consider replacing your heating system or a boiler, take note of the newest technological advancements which give you a lot of control over your heating system. You can, for example, check Nest Thermostat installation guide or call for a specialist who will install it for you. For more detailed info, check the page of a heating and plumbing specialist. 

Quick and cheap leather sofa cleaning

If you encounter a stain or dirt on your sofa that cannot be removed by a quick wipe, but you don’t want to spend money on proffesional cleaners, there is an easy solution which will help you in a dire moment.

Just use baby wipes or other soft and moist tissues soaked with baby-friendly cleaning products. They are neutral to baby skin and thus won’t damage the leather on the sofa either, but can clean it just fine. Of course, in case of larger damages that are old, baby wipes might not be enough, but for standard stains they will serve their purpose for a small amount of money.

Removing water stains from wooden table

Unless the moist is years old and made damage to wood that cannot be repaired without proffesional help, there is a quick and nice solution to removing those pesky circles of your wooden table.


Cover the stain with a thick towel and put iron set to medium on it. Press it for a few seconds (do not damage the wood with it and always make sure you are not burning the towel!). The heat will “squeeze” moist out of the wood and it will soak into the towel. Repeat until the stain is gone. Voila!