What are the most recognizable characteristics of a modern sofa design? It is not an easy question to answer, as modern interior design is an eclectic style that mixes a couple of different looks from the past and present to create uniqueness that is sought for by the customers, but there are some points that are similar in any sofa design you may find on the market, be it in a huge furniture store or in a small workshop specializing in custom furniture pieces. What are the most prevalent elements of a modern sofa design?

First of all, modern style oftentimes uses geometric shapes and “hard” edges – rectangles, triangles and other vivid figures are usually used to create one coherent form.

Secondly, the colours are not only bold and original, but highly customizable – when the classic furniture uses standard browns, reds, blacks and greys, modern furniture designers are not afraid to use expressive hues in every imaginable shade.

And, thirdly, modern furniture (especially sofas) utilize modern solutions that merge looks with comfort and utility. Thus, most modern sofas are in fact sofa beds or have a modular construction that allows for a lot of leeway when it comes to both design and utility.

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