Most Beautiful Homes decking boards on terrace
New trends in exterior design

When talking about exterior designs we’re not only have garden architecture in mind, as it’s only a small part of the overall look, including the terrace, elevation, balconies and all other exterior elements of the house.

To be listed in our Most Beautiful House category, you must know what is in fashion right now when it comes to exterior design (and house construction as a whole). And what is en vogue is Wood Plastic Composite. What’s that, you might ask? One of the best exterior materials to use to beautify your house today!

WPC has many uses as a construction material for terraces, balconies, elevation and garden architecture. It is best utilised when you build a new house or replace old wooden elements – WPC is resistant to outside factors and is much more durable than wood. What’s more, it is completely eco-friendly and safe – that is why it’s so popular. You can see some examples of superb use of decking boards as a main terrace building material  here if you’re interested in creating one of the most beautiful houses in the country.

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