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What’s original

Kitchen is frequently called the very heart and essence of our homes. After all, it’s the centre where all important action takes places. Think of cooking, eating, drinking coffee and indefinite number of talks with your friends and family. After all, such small things are the very essences of life that very often simply give it the meaning. Since kitchen is so important there’s really no surprise when we think about the fact that kitchen should be taken care of – therefore designed, arranged and furnished in such a ways as to show how beautiful it is.

Modern kitchen focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Traditional ones are more oriented towards warming power of details and natural materials. Yet, no matter the actual design that you choose you can still have a really original kitchen. But what actually makes kitchens original? Original kitchen is something that’s unique, exquisite and rare. It’s one of kind that you can’t actually find in other place. These words all sound very beautiful but what does it actually mean in practice? What’s original kitchen in real life and real house or flat?

Modern furniture and appliances

original kitchenOriginal kitchen is a kitchen that somehow embodies your own style and taste. It doesn’t really matter if we’re more interested in modern style with its clean lines, careful space arrangement and minimalism or we’re great fans of things and welcoming and homely clutter. For your kitchen to be original you need to organise everything in it as you actually want it. You can’t simply follow the rules of modern or traditional design and forget altogether about your own preferences. Simply speaking, if you’re not a great fan of white washed walls don’t blindly paint your kitchen white because it’s the fashion now. You can always choose different colour or simply decide to go with some other subtle shade but not exactly white.

Original kitchen should show some kind of intimate and private atmosphere. It should be about your own feelings, emotions and likes. You should never forget about the things you like. Never follow blindly what others did, what looks good in their homes and agrees with their personality. After all, you want to feel at ease with yourself in your own home. Finally, never forget about the questions of quality. After all, quality matters a lot as well and you shouldn’t save up on it. In the end it’s all visible and sometimes can look really bad. After all, originality can be lost in a  messy surrounding. Try to remember that and keep your kitchen at least a  little organised.

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