• Windlesham Updown Court – the most expensive English manor

    Not that long ago newspapers wrote about the expensive renovation of the Palace ordered by Queen Elizabeth before the Prince was born. The refurb cost was around 1 million Pounds. Now consider this – the owner of Updown Court spends so much in one year to maintain his property. The original Court, situated in Windlesham […]

  • interior design
    Scandinavian Style Guide

    Scandinavian interiors took the whole market by storm, but do not make a mistake – it is not similar to the decor based on full Ikea furniture sets. Scandinavian style can be easily described as “cozy minimalism”. Every solution used in this décor is first and foremost focused on utility. There is no place for […]

  • design tools
    living room design
    5 online tools for interior design

    You probably have a hundred ideas fo interior design of your homespace right now, but anyone who tried to decorate all the rooms in the household will tell you that this task is only easy on paper – when it comes to the real thing every inch of available space makes or breaks your desired […]