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Scandinavian Style Guide

Scandinavian interiors took the whole market by storm, but do not make a mistake – it is not similar to the decor based on full Ikea furniture sets. Scandinavian style can be easily described as “cozy minimalism”. Every solution used in this décor is first and foremost focused on utility. There is no place for redundant decorations and tchotchkes. What are the most distinct characteristics of this style?

  1. Wooden floors – one of the most important elements in Scandinavian design. Northerners love nature and that’s why they put natural wooden boards on the floor.
  2. Places where night falls earlier, the interiors are often brighten up with colours. Scandinavians value simple, natural aesthetic – whites, bright greys and pastels. Strong colours appear sparsely and are used only as accents.
  3. Walls are painted smoothly, simple wallpaper may sometimes appear. Brick walls are often painted white. Wooden paneling is also a common addition.
  4. Lighting and windows – Scandinavian house is not a place for classic curtains which block natural light. Window blinds and bright, delicate hangings are the most popular.
  5. Accessories – Scandinavian style is all about the cozy additions like cushions, blankets and coverlets, most often with designer pattern. Furniture is simple and minimalist, but the picture frames, candlesticks etc. have unique and original look.

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