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Shabby Chic – one of the timeless designs

If you are at least a little interested in interior design, you’ve probably heard a term “shabby chic”. What’s that? To put the complex definitions in much simple words, “shabby chic” is a furniture and décor style that values “wear and tear” looks.

This style has gained a lot of attention not that long ago, as many people discovered the beauty lying in old-school interior design, but not many of them have access to genuine antiques and really old furniture. As such, many furniture companies came with an idea to stylize their products and make them look a bit distressed, unevenly painted etc. That is how “shabby chic” was born – to deliver the product you need for a fair price. Such furniture is much cheaper (but take note that it doesn’t mean it’s cheap!) than real furniture from the XVII and XVIII century and gives you an ability to create a “cottage”, “old-timey” look in your own house if you are aiming for it.

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