Interior Style Guide luxury pillow duo
Small details changing the whole interior #1 – luxury cushions

Successful, effective interior design relies on many factors. Of course, looks and quality of the most obvious elements (furniture, wall coverings, etc.) are mentioned first, but the details, the small additions and extras, are what sets apart your interior from everyone else’s. That’s why you should look for something original. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t even have to stand out on a first glance, but it has to be there. It has to show up in someone’s peripheral vision. It should be noticeable enough to serve its purpose, yet it should not burden the whole space. Choosing the finishing details of your living room or bedroom is a hard job, but fortunately, we’re here to help you with some useful tips.

The topic of accessories and details is so vast that we had to cut it into a couple of parts. In the first one, we will write about something that seems obvious, but it is not used frequently and skillfully enough – pillows.

You’ve probably seen this a million times, but you can’t just throw any pillow you have on hand on a couch and count it as a “décor”. It has to match the overall style of your interior design! A modern, scarcely furnished interior cannot be decorated by renaissance cushions, while classic warm household won’t look good decorated with high-end designer pillows – simple, comfy ones will suffice.

For example, take a look at those splendid designs from JJ Cushions – a small company specialized in custom-made, unique cushions for exclusive interiors. You wouldn’t put it in a cold, “Japanese”, empty apartment – those pillows are more suitable to be put in an artsy house, decorated with classic furniture.


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