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Types of Sofas: sofa 3+2

A single sofa can sometimes be a great solution if a house or an apartment is rather small in size. It is the optimal image of the living room, limited, but nevertheless compact with the most important feature of the living room. A sofa 3+2 is the greatest solution for much larger interiors, and ones that will allow extra seating spaces, without being too cramped. It is a set which purposely joins a main sofa with smaller units, though with the same design. Therefore the entire set is matched and there is no need of purchasing two huge sofas, simply because there was no 3+2 option available. This is recommended for everyone who is thinking of decorating their extended in size living room, without making the interior too claustrophobic.

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Such elements of the living room look perfect when placed around a modern or a traditional coffee table for example. The set is matched, it fits and suits the rest of the interior and it can fit the entire family or guests around one place. With this set it will be much easier to gather together and rest in one place.

It is recommended that such sofa pieces are chosen with regards to the rest of the surrounding elements of the living room. So consider what you choose, and where you place the furniture pieces. For example, the components of this set are usually laid out to surround the coffee table, and most often facing the TV. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the coffee table and the TV stand wisely, with much consideration for colours and overall shaping as well as mechanics of the units. For example if the coffee table has a horizontal or a sliding top, you need to make sure to place it in such way that the sofa pieces aren’t in the way.

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