If you’re planning a re-paint or a larger refurb (or doing it right now) you probably have a lot of difficulty with choosing a right colour for your walls – there is an absurd number of hues available on the market and there are a couple of factors you have to take into the account before you even go to the store and buy a paint.

First things first – meaning decorative values and design of course. The paint colour is seemingly the most important thing and rightfully so – you don’t do the wallpainting randomly using the first hue you’ve found on a store shelf, right?
Fortunately, there are a lot of guides out there which can help you make the right choice. For example, HouseBeautiful asked the best designers around to know which colours will be trendy this year (and in years to come). Check it out.

In this series of post we will also publish useful links to other sites dealing with wall painting and renovation to give you as much comprehensive help as possible.


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