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What characterises a good mattress for the bedroom?

We always have a choice of several types of mattresses for our bedroom: foam, spring, latex, hard, soft, with a frame or without. The main point is to have a good night’s sleep. If you do not want to wake up tired, a good mattress should have orthopaedic and hypoallergenic attributes.

We often choose the material and its hard/soft qualities. People who are single should not complain about the lack of choices, but it’s another case with couples. Many questions arise when it comes to choice, do we select the one big mattress, or two small ones? How to satisfy both partners? Recently many mattresses have been produced at the request of customers – and can be made up of two different parts: one harder, the other softer.

Do you have a bad back or are overweight? Select a thicker mattress, with more than twenty centimetres in thickness. For those without such conditions, thinner mattresses are recommended.

Bedroom furniture – the devil is in the details!

It is important to consider the covering when choosing a mattress. The most common covering is a thin material with a zipper, which allows you to wash it when dirty. The most common materials for those are cotton and polyester.

The mattress should have an appropriate size, a well-chosen elasticity and breathability. Each of those parameters will be different for other people. But the most important thing is individual comfort. Each person should first try out the mattress before one purchases it, unfortunately most suppliers don’t offer such option. It often happens that after returning home, the mattress turn out to be uncomfortable, in spite of being praised by the supplier or other people. It often happens that people who recommend a mattress might have other expectations than you, and thus not everyone’s opinion is fully reliable regarding this matter. In such cases we can expect a lack of sleep, a grumpy attitude and an achy back, or worse. It’s certainly not what we want nor what we expect.

Information about matresses was delivered by PF Furniture, one of the best furniture companies in the UK specializing in comfortable sofas and bedroom furniture.

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