Not that long ago newspapers wrote about the expensive renovation of the Palace ordered by Queen Elizabeth before the Prince was born. The refurb cost was around 1 million Pounds. Now consider this – the owner of Updown Court spends so much in one year to maintain his property.

The original Court, situated in Windlesham (surrey), was built in 1920s in a renown Queen Ann’s style. In the 70s, a huge storm broke some trees which in turn destroyed electrical poles and a fire broke out. Updown Court burned down almost completely. The ruins were sold to a developer who swore to rebuild the property to its former glory.

updown  manor beauty

Today, Updown Court consists of 103 rooms (24 with their own bathrooms finished with marble). The Manor is situated on a 58-acre property and has its own forest and numerous gardens (with a heated marble path leading to them, which cost 2 million pounds). What else can be found there? Everything a luxury family needs – Squash court, movie theatre for 50 people, a bowling alley, a garage made of granite that has 8 parking spaces for exclusive limousines, five swimming pools, a winery… First price for the whole thing – 70 million. In the end, real estate agent came down to 35 million. The buyer wishes to remain anonymous.

To tour around this astonishing house, check this business insider article.

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